Friday, March 6, 2015

Group Trade News

Weeeeeelllll - Still waiting for that last box. My hope is that it is on my front steps right now.

Here's the lineup. I'm taking all the unclaimed teams, they could be available for trade if people are interested after the break.

•Atlanta Braves - John  (Johnny's Trading Spot)
•Baltimore Orioles/Saint Louis Browns - Capt Kirk (Curly W Blog)
•Boston Red Sox - Shane (Shoebox Legends)
•Chicago White Sox - Jeff (2X3 Heroes)
•Chicago Cubs - Tom (Waiting 'Til Next Year)
•Cinncinnati Reds - Nachos Grande
•Cleveland Indians - Speigel83 (Nomo's Sushi Platter)
•Colorado Rockies - Adam (Infield Fly Rule)
•Detroit Tigers - Pat ( Hot Corner Cards)
•Los Angeles Angels - The Angels in Order
•Los Angeles Dodgers - GCRL
•Milwaukee Brewers/Seattle Pilots - Tony (Off Hiatus)
•Minnesota Twins/Washington Senators - Brian (that's me)
•New York Mets - Dan (Daily Autograph, Keys to the Batters Box)
•New York Yankees - Tim B. (I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning)
•Oakland Athletics - Brian (that's me)
•Pittsburgh Pirates - Matthew Scott (Bob Walk The Plank)
•Seattle Mariners - Kevin (The Card Papoy)
•Texas Rangers - Brian (Play at the Plate)
•Toronto Blue Jays - Al Kawamoto
•Washington Nationals/Montreal Expos - Capt Kirk (Curly W Blog)

If the box comes today, I'll do another post with pictures of all of the boxes and a confirmed date for the break.... Right now I'm thinking this Saturday night, that should give me enough time to organize, sort and get things in the mail by Monday or Tuesday. 

Thanks All! Feel free to share any success stories or words of wisdom about other breaks you've been in below in the comments.

Also, very important!! If we haven't made a trade yet, I probably don't have your address! Send me an e-mail with that info at brian dot d dot oneal at gmail dot com . . .

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