Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Sweet Smell of Success

WHOA! This was no joke, cats and kittens.

Tim from I Love the Smell of Cardboard in the Morning joined the group trade and scored big with the Yankees including a Reggie Jackson bat relic. You can see the haul here

The return package came on Friday, and it was a doozy:

Packed in the the brown cardboard in the first picture were two Super Suprises:
 They are from the 1980 Topps Super set - each card is about the size of 4 standard cards. They fit nicely in two pocket pages!

The other boxes were filled with all kinds of awesomeness:
 Jims Thome!
 Harmons Killebrew!
 Kirbys Puckett!
 Joes Mauer
 My first from this set of Heritage - just like the original, I think I like the horizontal ones the best
These are my first from this set, too - Topps seemed to take a few liberties with this one rather than emulating the 1953 set exactly in style (not all portraits like the original)
 Is this a Team U.S.A. jersey?
 These were all new to me (no, really!) I like the Big Mac bat flip the most. Golden moments was a cool idea, no idea how people felt about it at the time...
 Some Fleer Tradition as well, some of these are pretty cool!
 Oops! Hey Fleer, Milton is signing a Topps card there...
 Some TCMA cards featuring The old Colt .45s and the Twins...
Shiny! If Adam Brett Walker can bring down the strikeouts and bring up his average, he might be taking Oswaldo Arcia's job in a couple years. There were a bunch of those silver/chrome Bowman Heritage cards as well, very slick!

Whew! That's just a small taste of the things in the package - Thanks very much Tim, these were a blast to go through!


  1. Great stuff! Tim puts together some awesome trade packages, I'm finally just getting around to one he sent me a while ago later this week.

  2. Great cards, especially like the Mauers. Did you get my email (this is jared).

    1. Hi Jared - if you sent it today, I probably got it (I can't access my personal e-mail from work...)
      If you sent it yesterday or earlier... Maybe not!

      my e-mail is brian dot d dot oneal at gmail dot com

  3. The 93 Topps Puckett has always been one of my favorite cards !

  4. Looks like the break has been a success

    1. No kidding- it's been even better than I thought!