Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Group Trade: A Frozen Rope from the Hot Corner

The Group Trade returns are coming in daily, and today I'm featuring the cards from Pat at Hot Corner Cards. Pat managed to get in right under the wire to claim the Tigers, and I'm glad he did!

In return for a stack of Tigers from the Group Trade, Pat send a small flat rate box that clawed and slashed my junk wax want list (1990 Topps and 1990 Score, y'all! I actually needed these!) and bolstered my Twins collection.

Here's everything right out of the box:

I'm a fan of fan favorites:
How different would the Twins roster be if Billy Beane was calling the shots?

A healthy dose of Joe Mauer

Justin Morneau



Another great box! Thanks very much Pat, this was awesome!

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