Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Group Trade highlights: The Keepers


I used up every bubble mailer and shipping supply I had on hand (and had to run out and buy some more Sunday night), but I'm happy to say that every address I've received now has a parcel of cards on their way!

The Group "Trade" turned out very nicely for me, even before any return packages have been opened. I claimed the Twins and Athletics for myself, and in addition I am hanging on to all the unclaimed teams as well.

Before this weekend, I had zero cards from 1999 Fleer Ultra, zero from 2002 Topps Gallery, zero Fleer Greats of the Game, and zero 2003 Topps Stadium Club. Now I have a nice fat stack of a little bit of everything.

Here are some of my favorites from each box:

1996 Pinnacle:
That's quite the mullet.

1999 Fleer Ultra:
Otis Nixon with the facemask, the ridiculous PC interface on the Eric Chavez card, Tony playing a little D, and Kenny Rogers ... yeah.
How about some horizontal heroes?

2002 Topps Gallery:

2002 Fleer Greats:
Stan "The Baby Face" Musial, a great action shot of Vida Blue, and three greats of the Twins/Senators franchise.

2003 Topps Stadium Club:
Just great photos, as you might expect, from Stadium Club.

If you missed out on the trade and/or one of the unclaimed teams is of interest to you, I can still be persuaded to trade those cards for something. I've been trying to expand my "collecting goals" page to include more Players, and over the next few days/weeks/etc. I plan on building up the Junk Wax list to move beyond 1993 to start to fill in the years I missed the first time around.


  1. Man... the Topps Gallery cards are just gorgeous. Thanks again for hosting the break.

    I'm working on a return package for you, but if it's alright with you I may wait until Monday to ship as I've found another card show in my area to hit.

    1. Oh of course, take your time! I'm really looking forward to packages coming back from all over for the next few weeks. If it takes awhile to put something together, it just means I will get mail over a longer period of time.

  2. That JD Drew Stadium Club card is a beauty.