Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Season's Greetings

An interesting little tidbit popped up this off season, when the Twins picked up Kyle Garlick off waivers from the Braves. Garlick is in his age 29 season, he was a 28th round pick of the Dodgers in 2015. He spent 5 full seasons in the minors, then managed a big cup of coffee with the Dodgers in 2019 (30 games). He was traded to the Phillies for reliever Tyler Gilbert before the 2020 season.

 The Phillies had even less for him to do, spending all but 13 games at the dreaded "alternate site" during the 2020 season.  Garlick has shown some decent minor league power over the years, hitting just over 20 homers a season over from 2016 to 2019. The Braves scooped him up, then the Twins took a flier on him in February.

He's been the team's biggest surprise of the spring, hitting 5 homers and driving in 13 runs. With Eddie Rosario off to Cleveland, and Alex Kirilloff getting the Kris Bryant treatment, that made room for more Garlick in the lineup. He made the team's opening day roster, and will likely platoon in Left field with Jake Cave. 

I suspect he's just keeping the spot warm for a prospect, but it's a fun story to see a guy win a job in Spring training. Looking forward to the 2021 Season to get going tomorrow!

Any Spring Training surprises for your team?

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  1. I admittedly haven't paid too much attention to the Cubs' spring training season, but I am surprised Nico Hoerner didn't make the Opening Day roster. Though I guess I shouldn't be given the awful way MLB service time rules are set up.

  2. I've heard that his breath smells bad and he can't spell.

  3. I suppose it's a bit of a surprise that david price isn't in the dodger rotation coming out of spring training. I hope garlick is as successful for the twins as his former dodger teammate Kenya maeda was last year.

  4. I know it says super secret player collections right there in the labels but I still have so many questions ...

  5. A's - That Matt Olson outhit Matt Chapman.

    Padres - This kid named Marcano had a great Spring and made the roster.

  6. Twins - Garlick
    Angels - Ohtani
    Red Sox - Dalbec