Thursday, June 25, 2020

Buying Online Every NOW and Then

Well, it sounds like the MLB season might happen after all, with a scheduled start date at the end of July (Assuming they don't have to delay further due to COVID-19). In the meantime, Topps has been determined to get a few dollars more out of us in the form of Topps NOW "Turn Back the Clock."

What can I say, I am simple man - I see a great card of Ichiro on Opening Day and my home(opener)sickness is too great to resist. I mean come on, there's balloons and everything!

Once you get a person started on Topps NOW, it can be nearly impossible to stop them completely. How could I be expected to pass up a Jackie Robinson bat rack card? Of course it also is a commemoration of Jackie's first MLB game, so it's a no-brainer why I would want it. At this point, I'm invested! Twins cards will pretty much seal the deal. Francisco Liriano tosses one of the least efficient no hitters in MLB history. It was also one of the more exciting ones! 

Rod Carew was still hitting .432 by the end of May in 1970 - Dave Winfield passed him on the All-Time hit list a few days (and 24 years) later. 

Of course the online exclusives don't end there - Topps Total is back again and there is no shortage of new Twins this year (in theory). Rich Hill was expected to miss the first 2-3 months of the season recovering from surgery, but now everyone has, so he might be close to ready to go when games begin. 

Josh Donaldson was the big free agent splash, and it's fun to see the new guy in the "right" uniform. Jose Berrios is of course not a new Twin, and he's hopefully going to get 10-12 starts this season out of the team's 60 regular season games. Here's hoping he ends the year with even a few more than that, if you catch my meaning. 

Have you been checking in on the Topps NOW Turn Back The Clock offerings? There have been some fun ones in there!


  1. Yeah you're right - that Ichiro TBTC is crazy cool. I've kept my card spending to $0 since the beginning of March. While on the surface, my position and area of expertise gives me some certainty in continued employment, I'm not naive enough to think that I'm 100% secure. That being said, I DO run a "recently listed" Ebay search for "Gary Carter" about every other day. His 2020 TBTC is really cool. I'll probably pick that one up. I also like the Carlton Fisk (I'll probably pick that one up too). And, then there's the Willie Mays (in a METS uni)...I'll probably pick that up too. Johnny Bench...I'll pick that one up. Rickey Henderson TBTC is cool too. I'll probably pick that up too. Lol. (It's a disease!) Great post, thanks for sharing. Haven't seen too many TBTC posts yet.

  2. I bought the jackie robinson card but that's been it so far. I really like the concept but was disappointed that may 23 did not produce a Shawn green 4 homer game card. Not a big enough name I guess, although this month has seen a good variety of players.

    1. There's an almost Tatooine card of Reggie Jackson with the Angels you might like.

  3. I haven't even looked at their TBTC cards, but I did purchase a Throwback Thursday set for the first time a week or two ago.

  4. I don't know how I missed this post.

    But I got the cards you sent me. Thanks.

  5. I've picked up the Clemente and Cole TBTC cards so far. Not sure if there have been other Pirates I've missed.