Sunday, December 1, 2019

A Not-So-Arbitrary Arbitrary Collection - the 2000s

The legend continues! Seeing Hideo Nomo in a Detroit Tigers uniform is a little jarring, but for the most part these guys are in familiar places. The Pirates and the Giants appear two times apiece. The Jack Wilson card is a fantastic shot.

You'll notice that for the 2000s, I am pulling cards in the 200s from the checklist, rather than starting over with #1... Just making a different choice here on these. I was a fan of the backs in 2001 - 2003. The 2003 cards remind me a bit of the 1984 set, which had my favorite card backs of the 1980s. I think 2003 and 2004 have my favorite designs overall from this decade. How about you? What is your favorite design of the 2000s?


  1. The 2001 Nomo card is my favorite here, that tornado windup was fun to watch. I'd stopped collecting baseball cards around 1995-96 and got back into it around 2004, so I'm partial to that one, but the 2005 and 2006 sets are slightly nicer IMO.

  2. As a Mets fan seeing Edgardo as a Giant is almost as jarring as seeing Nomo as a Tiger!

    I wasn't collecting at all during that decade, so I don't have strong opinions about the cards, but I do think 2003 is the best design of the bunch. Topps should do the inset photo thing again (but not overdo it--once every ten years would be ideal).

  3. Yeah, my collection is very much devoid of cards from this decade also. I think 2008 is my favorite design, but the Jack Wilson is my favorite card.

  4. Favorite Card Front: 2008
    Favorite Card Back: 2004
    Favorite Player: Hideo Nomo
    Favorite Photo: Jack Wilson

  5. 2004 is my favorite. The use of foil text on a dark background really hurt a lot of designs from the decade.