Saturday, May 5, 2018

The Collective Assimilates a Moose

Greg aka GCA of The Collective Mind blog has been seeking out bloggers' want lists recently, and resistance is futile!

It started innocently enough, as Greg found a handful of 1983 Topps needs, including a couple Hall of Famers.

The great Willie Hernandez with his trademark mustache, but without his trademark glasses!

This is my favorite of the stack - Bob Boone is tracking a foul pop, as the Mariners' hitter watches helplessly from the batters' box. I love the spring training crowd in the background.

If that wasn't enough, Greg knocked out one of my Arbitrary 8! I have a very small collection of 1955 Topps, so each new addition is a rare and welcome sight.

Very interesting to see that his home is listed as Austin, MN -- Moose was born in Chicago and went to college at Purdue in Indiana, so it's an odd fit for a Yankee to be living in a smaller city in southern MN. Maybe he worked at the SPAM factory in the off-season?

Thanks very much Greg!


  1. Boone! THAT is an awesome card! The Borg paid me a visit as well with an equally awesome package! I didn't have give my right arm or an eye for it.

  2. Seeing that Yaz reminds me of my childhood playing Little League with the coaches hitting us grounders and fly balls.