Monday, May 28, 2018

Hammering Out A COMC Order

Dave Parker is the coolest guy. COMC had their Spring Cleaning sale, and I decided to hop on over to the site and look for some hidden gems.

I had some Action Packed Football cards when I was a kid, but I was totally unaware at the time that there were baseball cards out there too. Clemente is in his Santurce Cangrejeros (Crabs) uniform. He played for the Crabs in 1954, sharing the outfield with Willie Mays for the Puerto Rican Winter League team and Caribbean Series Champions. Joe Morgan and Hank Greenberg fill in the bat rack mini collection contingent.

Like Joe Morgan and/or minor league cards? The card above is from a Durham Bulls Hall of Fame set. Sophie Kurys was the Rickey Henderson of the AAGPBL. Can't have a card of Buck without his best friend Satch.

See what I mean - 1,114 career stolen bases? 201 steals in 113 games?!?!?! Only 98 of her hits that year were singles. That's some serious speed! 

Sometimes I just go for aesthetics - no real rhyme or reason to add these.

Church's Chicken had to compete with Denny's somehow - they decided on Gold Parallels to combat those highfalutin' holograms. Jersey swatches are probably cheaper than they've ever been, even with a low serial number, Joe Mauer's card was super cheap in the sale.

Can't resist vintage for pennies on the dollar!

The big prize? Baby Bart! I noticed that Colon hasn't signed many cards in his career, so I jumped at this one, even though I'm generally not much of an autograph hound.

This autograph is older than Washington Nationals phenom Juan Soto!


  1. Nice grabs. I couldn't resist the comc cleaning either.

  2. 1970s vintage mustaches are the bomb. It's funny all 4 our your vintage cards featured mustaches. Nice pickups and thanks for sharing!

  3. I have a LOT of these cards including complete Churchs base and parallel sets. The inserts with these were dufex/museum style and extremely colorful! I ate a lot of chicken that summer. Nice adds for sure! Sorry I missed the sale!

  4. I've never been to Church's Chicken, but I do have a couple of their cards. I hear it's supposed to be pretty tasty.