Sunday, May 27, 2018

Santa Johnny Makes a May Delivery

John from Johnny's Trading Spot sent out a flurry of packages labeled "Christmas in July" and going through these cards was as fun as watching Gardy throw batting practice!

The package was mostly Twins, including a big stack of rookie cards.

There were even a handful of pre-rookie minor league cards as well, including Justin Morneau when he was still a catcher.

Some great 1980's oddballs to meet everyone's needs. Gaetti is sporting a beard, which was not his usual look - maybe this was a playoff beard?

The late 90s and early 2000s cards were greatly appreciated, as I was not actively collecting at the time. Brent Hoard? It's a misnomer as this is now the only card I have of him... I must not be much of a Hoard-er.

2018 was well represented also - Buxton is a parallel.

In addition to Twins, John sent over a brick of Diamond Kings!

There was also a stack of sunglasses and bat rack cards for my mini collections and a handful of player collection guys like Kenny Lofton.

Thanks so much for your generosity John, I've been working on a return package from the last barrage, I'll be looking to add on to it before sending it out now.

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