Friday, May 13, 2016

Transatlantic Triple Break! 2016 Bowman Hobby

Hey everyone, it's time for another triple break! This time I picked up one hobby box of 2016 Bowman. We're guaranteed one auto and we'll be splitting the cards up by division. Matt takes home NL East and NL Central, Kevin takes AL East and NL West, and I take AL Central and AL West.
Here's a quick peek at the base cards, featuring Major league players from the AL West.
Here are some of the Twins, including the "turn two" insert. Minor leaguers have their names listed on the bottom, major leaguers on the side of the card, easy to quickly sort..
Here's the back of the insert. Each one features two minor league prospects.
The serial numbered hits! /250, /150, /99, and /25.
When I pulled this card, I momentarily thought Trevor Story would be on the back...
Oh well, still a cool card - and it's serial numbered to /50!
Whoa! What's this? Instead of just one auto, this box had 3! Super excited about pulling this card. My luck is improving.
Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket?


  1. What a box! Next time you better pull me a dual auto. I like hall of fame players.

    1. You got it man - Let's see how much Fleer Greats of the Game boxes are these days .... uh, I'll get back to you later...

  2. Great autos and I love that Daniel Robertson!