Thursday, May 5, 2016

Making Time to Trade Some Cardboard

Some times, you gotta make time to do the things you gotta do. The things you wanna do, gotta wait.

Andy of Ain't Nobody Got Time For Cardboard! sent me an e-mail last week and mentioned a nice stack of junk wax era Twins that had my name written all over it (I don't just mean Brian Harper's). I'm a little chagrined to find that the mailer I sent his way was light compared what was on my doorstep (for real, it didn't fit in my mailbox).

More Minis! Carew is serial numbered - my first Gypsy Queen Twins of 2016!

 Right about here is when I thought, "Dang. I shoulda sent more cardboard." This swatch is probably from Rickey's days with the Mets. Or, maybe the Angels?  Or Seattle, San Diego, Los Angeles? It's definitely not from a Yankees jersey. Could be an A's jersey from the 90s. No matter where it came from, it's pretty darn cool.

 Lots of variety, including PC guys, Twins from all over, and minor leaguers.
 Here's another one of the Wacky Packages - a nice Perkins card I'd never seen before - and a mainstay of 1993 Topps.
That Sano card is my first 2016 Diamond Kings card - they are awesome in hand.

Thanks so much Andy! I will have to send you another stack to even this out a bit.


  1. Haha, no worries about evening things out (although you'll hear no complaints from me!) Glad you enjoyed the cardboard! Digging through my Twins stack gave me yet another 92 Upper Deck to troll my wife with (I hide them throughout the house, replace her bookmarks, stuff like that), so I had fun putting this set together for you!

  2. I received the same type of package from Andy yesterday. He sure knows how to send out in volumes.