Monday, May 2, 2016

I love the 80s : 1982 Topps Cello Pack

Let's take a look at a cellophane wrapped stack of 1982 Topps cards.
The bottom card doesn't get a wax stain, but the cellophane stuck to the cardboard a little and left some residue...
The gum. Bleeech .
The "insert" is a single sticker.
I haven't seen the 1982 sticker album,  anyone know who is on the cover?
A pair of penguins!
Some of my favorites from the stack. Just one Twin in the pack.
A variety of styles in the set.
And the backs! This was fun to look through, the cards were in fairly nice condition too.


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  2. That's a pretty solid pack there!

  3. Not bad. I probably like the Ryan and Parker the most.

  4. found a pic of it$_35.JPG?set_id=2 looks like Gary "The Kid" Carter in his Expos days? Dayf at Cardboard Junk gives a humorous spin on it.

  5. I'm pretty sure I have a beat up one packed up somewhere. What no Ripken? LOL. BTW, that sticker is one of the variations, that I posted about recently.

  6. Great pack. Ryan. Hindu rookie. Dawson. Parker. Plus I'd probably grade that piece of gum at least near mint.

    1. I can tell you it does not smell like mint.

  7. Can't beat Cey as the top card! That's certainly get me to buy it. And, yep, it's Carter: