Sunday, January 31, 2016

Twinsfest 2016 - the cards

 The Twins hold a mini yard sale within the Twinsfest event, selling items from their archives - This official scorebook from the 1991 World Series was like new.
 1979 Sportcasters - these are really thin and really big- Bert was a couple teams removed from the Twins when this came out, pitching for Pittsburgh. The back even referenced the trade from Texas for Al Oliver.
 Larry Jansen! This one gets me one card closer to finishing 1948 Bowman. No Rizzuto Rookie at the show.
 1964 Topps Giant.
 the back of the Giant Killer.
 Lots of cheap Mauer cards...
 And Puckett cards - though I had most of the cards for sale. There were three vendors selling the 1984 Fleer Update card, but none for the price I was offering to pay.
 My first IP auto - ever. I always feel a little weird about getting these, and I hate lines with a fiery passion. But getting this auto allowed me to do this:
 Getting a Twins Team Set of the 2014 All-Star Game, autographed.
 This was a real treat! Mudcat was having a great conversation with a 6 year old in line in front of me, and had a big laugh. I didn't even know when I came to the show that he would be there, but once I saw that he was signing for just $5, I found a copy of his 1959 Topps card (the only Topps Base card with "Mudcat") and got in line. I had to wait for about 90 minutes to see him, but it was more than worth it.
 Just a couple more fun ones I found for a great deal. Then it was time for some Set Building:

 Can't beat 1956 Topps.
 There was a copy of Mantle available - but I didn't have or want to spend $300 total at the show, let alone on one piece of cardboard. It has some flaws (rounded corners, a tiny speck of paper loss on the back, some light staining on the edges) but it was otherwise a beautiful card. Oh Well, we'll have to see how I do after tax time and after I invest in my house a bit.. Probably not meant to be!
 Here was my favorite of the new 56s - Billy Pierce running out a bunt!
And I couldn't end the post without showing at least one of these 1956 backs.


  1. Very nice. I look forward to one day when I can catch something like that for the Braves.

  2. Love Exhibit cards and those over-sized All-Star cards as some prety fun oddballs as well. Looks like Twinsfest was a success.

  3. Tfe cardboard at the Cubs Convention was really overpriced and the dealers were pretty much only selling cards of the players who were scheduled to sign autographs. Looks like the Twinsfest was a hit though!

  4. you had a good time! the Mudcat is super-sweet!

  5. The Hawk! Great card show at Twins Fest, love that'91 program

  6. Klaus appears to be a DP, but I wonder about the McMillan. And Billy is a cherry card.

  7. That Dawson is a great looking card. Sorry you had to wait in long lines, but you got the job done! Congrats on some great IP autos.

  8. I'd love to get to a TwinsFest someday. What the heck are those '14 Topps All-Star cards from?