Sunday, January 31, 2016

Technical Difficulties

Arg - I just spent the last hour scanning items, but nothing actually saved. Have to start all over (but I can't figure out why my scanner and my computer are not talking to each other...). Might not have time to scan these in now.

Here's the big win from yesterday, since I can't scan it:
A Kennys Vargas AA Jersey! This was game worn - Vargas was sent down to Chattanooga last year, and crushed the ball (like he has at every level), and struck out a little too much (like he has at every level)
That's a 3XL - he's a big big dude.


  1. The Lookouts have one of the coolest logos in the minors. Love it!

    1. You can tell that the Lookouts used to be a Dodgers affiliate with the script and the colors... Just a classic look. The guy running the booth was actually the Chattanooga Affiliate's Group Sales Manager and was in town for Twinsfest. He told me that they actually had to use an old Dodgers/Lookouts uni because Vargas was so big- you can barely see the faded outline of "LA" on the sleeve showing the back of the jersey.

  2. That's a great looking jersey. 3XL? I guess you won't be wearing that jersey around.

  3. wow! that's tent! congrats on such a cool pickup!