Thursday, February 5, 2015

You're killin' me, Topps!

I went in search of 2015 series 1 again today and again I was shut out. I even went to the Mall of America, which I have often sworn to myself I would do only in moments of great need. It turns out that things are even worse than I thought! Field of Dreams, the sports card and memorabilia store in the Mall, has closed up shop and disappeared.

With seemingly no other alternative, I drifted aimlessly through the mall. I ended up in Best Buy and remembered this post from The Chronicles of Fuji about the 20th anniversary edition of The Sandlot.

So, I didn't come up completely empty, it's a fun little oddball set (even if only one of the players featured made it to the majors) but I am still chasing those rainbow parallels...

Don't make me go to Walmart, Topps. I don't wanna do that.


  1. I struck out earlier this week. Might try again tomorrow. Probably better off that I struck out anyway since I'm part of Nachos Grande's group break.

    1. I'm almost tempted to order some online. There's a card show this weekend, I'm hoping some of the vendors will have packs on hand.