Saturday, February 7, 2015

Card show WIN

Oh boy - this show was a very good one for me.

I found some packs of junk wax that I missed the first time around as a kid - 1995 Stadium Club. Better 20 years late than never, right?

I doubled the size of my 1954 Topps collection (from 2 to a whopping 4!)

I got a great deal on these '48 Bowmans from the vintage dealer that gets all my money (He also sold me a lot of vintage at .50 per card, I picked up a bunch of nice cards from him today.)

Best of all, a different vendor brought his binder of 1965 O-Pee-Chee!


I only was missing one card that he had, Dan Osinski, but the bigger/better news was that he had the two unmarked checklists I needed (my copies were marked up like whoa)

There were several other small successes (finished the 2015 series one All-star Rookie Cup, for instance) but this was a really great show for me. I feel like I won the lottery! Even though I'm coming home with a lighter wallet.


  1. Great finds! Those Stadium Club packs must've been a ton of fun to rip. Love the vintage as well, especially the '54 Spahn.

    1. I plan on posting what came out of the stadium club - I opened a 2014 minibox a week ago, I think a compare/contrast post is in order.

  2. Love the Spahn. I'll send you a link to a site that I've bought a lot of my o pee chee from. The guy gas a ton of stuff

  3. A dealer in the US had a binder of '65 OPC? That doesn't even happen at the shows HERE. Very cool!

    The Bowmans are cool, too. I'm a sucker for 1950-51, but haven't gotten into the 40s yet.

    Nice all the way around!

    1. It was very cool to see them in person. I hated every minute of buying the other ones online, I wish I had known that he had the binder sooner. He would have made more money and I would have saved (some). I'm down to the last 6 on my list, hoping that I can finish it out some time this year.