Friday, February 27, 2015

What's A Pirate's Favorite Hobby?

Answer: Trading baseball cARRRRds, of course.

Matthew from Bob Walk The Plank contacted me when I was just starting out (oh those many weeks ago) and we chatted for a bit about the hobby. I sent him a few things, and here's the return package.

Nothing but HITS!

Shiver me timbers!

Ahoy, me Hearties!

Thar she blows!
I am glad that Liriano was a Twin, he was amazing when he was good, and excruciating when he was off his game. Seems like he's figured it out in Pittsburgh, best of luck to him!

Hey - this should only be numbered to 39! Torii doesn't turn 40 for a few months! 34 is Kirby's number though... eBay 1/1!!

Yo ho ho and an excellent trade indeed.


  1. I pulled the Pleis out of a box last year. Glad I found a good home for it. Liriano has been really good for the Pirates. Now that he is signed long term I hope that he gets a few new Pirate cards and possibly an auto this year!

    1. Anything with the 1965 Topps design is A-OK in my book. Thanks again, these were great!

    2. Just the tip of the iceberg my friend!

  2. Welcome to the gang ! great selection, as always with Matt

  3. Matt always comes up with great trade packages