Friday, January 4, 2019

Check Out My Chaos

In 2018, I didn't have an official Collecting Goals post, but this one came closest, covering a handful of cards that I picked up from a COMC visit. I was planning on making a post that reviewed my progress on my 2018 Goals, but it turns out I didn't make one! Thanks a lot, January Me. So instead, I'll do a post about 2019 Goals tomorrow. Today, I'll post something that mirrors the post I linked above, showing some recent COMC purchases. Buckle up for some Completely Arbitrary Online purchases!

I picked this one up without much deliberation - I'm not a Red Sox fan, I don't collect Mookie Betts in particular, but I couldn't pass up a chance for this card. Just a great shot.

I still have a box of basketball cards from my childhood, but they are in terrible condition. I wasn't particularly interested in condition as a kid, and anything that wasn't baseball got tossed around with little concern for the consequences. So now I am all too happy to add a favorite card here or there. Shaq was a big deal, but I wasn't able to get this (admittedly very common) rookie card as a kid. Acetate cards are plenty of fun, these were very popular when I wasn't collecting, I think. And finally, I chased a few more cards for my Stanley Cup mini Collection. Henri Richard won his 11th Stanley Cup, and he's on both the new and the vintage card here.

My adopt a prospect this off-season is the Padres' Buddy Reed. I realized that I've picked Padres prospects several times now (Hunter Renfroe and Manny Margot are also guys I collect now), but I had to go with Buddy Reed. I made the decision right after watching the Arizona Fall League championship, which ended with a walk-off homer. No, Buddy wasn't the guy that hit it...

Of course, I haven't abandoned Twins prospects, like LaMonte Wade, as well as picking up cheap autos of my favorite Twins past and present.

I'm all in on this nonsense.

Gotta keep building up the Ichiro PC, too.

Last but not least, I really wanted to add an Ichiro bat relic to my collection, and these framed A&G cards have always been a favorite of mine. I feel like a piece of one of Ichiro's bats is the definitive modern baseball relic. It's not the Shroud of Turin, but it might as well be to me!


  1. I posted on my Twitter account. That Mookie Card is the card of the year

  2. Nice pickups! The Mookie is fantastic, and the Manute Bol as well. The phone cards are great. I just got the Payton in a trade.

    Your adopt-a-prospect Buddy Reed reminds me that I prospected Braxton Davidson like..4 years ago maybe? Hopefully Buddy moves up the ladder a little quicker than Braxton.

  3. Immediately thought of Steve when I saw those phone cards. I've seen the Betts show up twice now on blogs. I think it's a sign. And that Ichiro framed relic is awesome!

  4. I really need to pick up a copy of that Betts.