Monday, January 7, 2019

Put Me in, Coach- I'm Ready to Trade

A Coach named Tom sent me this autograph by a Coach named Tom, who signed it for another Tom (from Angels in Order) through the mail. The first Coach Tom is the blogger of Waiting 'Til Next Year who sent along a big stack of cards of all sizes this weekend.

This is a 1971 Topps Super of the Super-talented Tony Oliva, I had the 1970 version, but this 1971 model is new to me!

I bombarded Tom with a stack of Rey Sanchezes (Gesundheit), and he retorted with a Trio of Smalleys.

There was a big stack from my various vintage and junk wax wantlists, covering cards throughout the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Scioscia is my favorite from this grouping.

Even a card from the 1960s sneaks in there! Great stuff hitting all the arbitrary mile markers.

Modern Twins as well including a pair of Pucketts from 89 Donruss mini sets.

And hey, look at this! Big time vintage with 1954 Topps.

I didn't know Harvey Haddix's nickname was "kitten"! That's awesome.

This is probably my favorite Bowman's Best design - the team color scheme turned out very well.

I checked, Tom, I didn't have this Vargas card! I'm was really pumped, because I've probably passed up buying this parallel more than once for fear I already had it. But I only found dual patches, quad patches, dual bat pieces, and auto versions of this card in my collection. Is Vogelbach in this set as well? My condolences either way!

Last but definitely not least, Tom gifted me this Sandberg rookie, a key need on my junk wax wantlist. This is a really nice gesture considering Tom has one of the more extensive Sandberg PCs.

                                                         RYNO CANNOT BE CAGED!

Thanks so much Tom, awesome cards.


  1. Man, I'm really glad you didn't have that Oliva or the Vargas card. Thankfully, Vogelbach doesn't have a card in the Immaculate set. I kind of wish he did because I really enjoy the product, but the headache of chasing them all down probably would have ended me. LOL
    Lastly, I didn't make the connection about three Toms being involved with that one card. Pretty cool!
    Thanks again for the swap.

  2. Did you know that harvey haddix once had a perfect game for 12 innings and then lost the perfect game AND the game in the 13th?

  3. Harvey Haddix is one of my favorite guys to collect. He's a relatively well-known name but his cards cost almost nothing. That '54 has long been a mainstay in my collection. Excellent batch of cards from Tom there!

  4. Gotta say... those 1980 Topps Roy Smalleys are great looking cards. Actually there were a lot of great action shots in this post. Solid P-town package!