Wednesday, January 16, 2019

repack regrets + a contest for you!

You know, I made such a big stink about these 100 Cards + one Pack repacks from Walgreens a while back, one would think I could take my own advice. Here are the oldest cards in the bunch - A pair from 1981 and a pair from 1983. I mean, it was just $5, but there were probably better ways for me to spend it.

Just one Minnesota Twin in the group of 100. 1984 Fleer has some great cards in it, and I'm a fan of the design.

4 cards featuring one-time Twins - Viola right after the trade to New York, then again with his 3rd team. Charlie Manuel played sparingly for the Twins in the late 60s/ early 70s - Don Baylor was on the 1987 championship team, joining after the trade deadline on waivers.

A no doubt Hall of Famer, a brand new Hall of Famer, A Hall of Famer in the record books, and a Hall of Famer in our hearts (or maybe just in our knuckles).

Horizontal Heroes! A Joe Mauer cameo, too.

Nick! Do you need this Jim Walewander? Is that guy in the background delivering mail, or is he about to go on safari? I guess there are at least 25 Tigers nearby...

These were some of my favorites from the bunch. The pack was 1988 Donruss. I could see through the wrapper that the card on the wax sealed side is Cal Ripken, Jr.


Anyone want the pack of 1988 Donruss? Just claim it first in the comments and it's yours.


Guess how many cards out of the 100 I considered "keepers" - closest guess wins a reverse engineered 100 Card + 1 pack Repack of their very own. I'll put together a mailer and send it over.

Basically, just pick a number between 0 - 100.

CONTEST! Will announce a winner with Saturday's post.


  1. Replies
    1. Winner! Please e-mail me your address and let me know what you are collecting these day. Congrats.

  2. No, don't shoot THOSE Tigers!
    I'll guess a low lucky 7.

  3. I'll guess a grand total of 15, because that's usually about the amount of cards I end up keeping from those Walgreens repacks.

    And I do have that Walewander already but never noticed the safari dude in the background until now, so thanks for that!

  4. Lucky 13.

    Great shot of the old exploding scoreboard behind LaRussa.

  5. I'll go with 25. Thanks for the contest!

  6. Going with 17...thanks for the contest!