Saturday, January 19, 2019

The Puck Stops Here - and Contest Winners

There used to a be a White Castle a few blocks from my house, but last year they replaced it with a Tim Horton's. In between donuts, I started to think about my card collection, and how it could use some Hockey Hall of Famers.

The big COMC order from last week included a little starter lot of vintage hockey. I don't plan on adding many more to this group, but it was fun to pick these out. My main Hockey collection goal is cards with the Stanley Cup, and that will continue.

This was the big ticket item, and also the reason why I decided to add several more hockey cards to my cart. The Bobby Orr card was part of the recent sale on COMC, and because there is a little paper loss on the back, it was a steal. It looks like someone had pasted the card into a book or notebook with a dab of glue in the middle. Thankfully the front of the card looks great!

I went after at least one card from each year from 1970 to 1979, I just went year by year, filtering the results by "Hall of Fame," getting these for a buck or two (or less) for each card.  I tried for a variety of teams, with an emphasis on the more successful teams of the decade.

I picked O-Pee-Chee over Topps when it was affordable, and certainly for the Canadiens, I had to get English and French on the backs!

I don't why, but the phrase "Most Points, Period" was funny to me. I realize they meant most points scored in a single period, but I read it as Bryan Trottier has scored the "Most Points, period, END OF STORY."

I had to pick up some goalies too - Mr. Zero himself, Tony Esposito, had some great cards in the 70s. Rogie Vachon is shown here with the Buffalo Sabres. Whoops - Los Angeles Kings - thanks for the correction. Baseball is my first language. 


I plan on keeping 23 cards from the 100 Card + One Pack repack, so Brett Alan is the big winner, getting the exact number!

I currently have 445 Kirby Puckett cards according to Trading Card Database, Tom from Angels in Order was the closest with his guess of 444.

Brett and Tom, please send me an email with your current mailing addresses and if you have a preferred decade for your unopened pack (1980s or more recent is what I have).

( brian dot d dot oneal at gmail )



  1. Good stuff! What set are the Clarke and Vachon cards from?

    1. Hi Billy: Here's your info on the set

      FYI Vachon is with the Kings, not the Sabres

  2. Great stuff Brian! That run of 70's cards is terrific, I think I need most of them for my 70's sets...

    Thank you again for the contests!

  3. That 76-77 Tony O is proof on how great framing will make a great card. There is nothing wrong with pulling away a back to show some background behind the player. We trust the name on the card - make the card live in our hands.

  4. Lots of great stuff here. That 76-77 Esposito is fantastic! Congratulations to the winners and thanks for the contests.

  5. That's a nice group of HOFers! I'm jealous of all the Bobby Orr cards I've been seeing on the blogosphere lately.

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  7. I've been thinking about picking up a few vintage hockey HOFer's as well, but just haven't started doing so yet. The Orr is cool, but I really dig those Esposito's that you chose.