Saturday, April 22, 2017

Johnny the #SuperTrader Maniac!

John from Johnny's Trading Spot wasted no time this week, sending a bubble mailer and a PWE right after it.
Some highlights from the mailer - I'm cataloging the "D" Twins players right now, I should know all of the Dozier cards I have and how many I am still looking for in the near future. It's very exciting!
There was a nice mix of big names and relative unknowns in the package. I'm surprised Guante wasn't a bigger deal, his name is Spanish for "Glove."

John also included this oddball felt mini Pennant in the mailer- It's a little bit longer than a standard card, so I'll have to get creative about where I can store it.
These were in the extra bonus PWE - thanks again for the trade John, I will send over some good stuff once I have accumulated enough for a decent mailer!

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