Saturday, April 1, 2017

A Gold Label Card Show Day

What a day! Headed out to the monthly show and found some awesome deals.
First of all, this show was the first time that I found multiple dime boxes - usually I am lucky to find one vendor selling cards for .10, but this time there were three different vendors, selling everything from the late 70s to the new 2017 Topps releases.
A great variety in the dime boxes!
All of these for just .90 - been a long time since I could find Diamond Kings for such a low price.
There were lots of other deals to be found on Twins cards - The team card is numbered to /65. I was pleasantly surprised to find when I got home that I didn't already have the two patch Kennys Vargas card.
Same powder blue patch for Killebrew, Hrbek, and Tony O.... It's possible that these all came from different uniforms, but who knows? Jacques Jones gets lost in the shuffle sometimes, but he was awesome back in the day.
Now we come to the big news - after today's haul, I'm down to just 12 cards remaining in the 1956 Topps set build! The 6 above were just a dollar apiece!
A pair of Braves, a Moose, and the original Big Red Machine.
Here was the biggest score of the day! Have to share the back too:
The last dozen cards have some pretty big names, lots of Yankees... I'm going to be patient and save up to get those last cards checked off the list.

A really exciting show for me, found more than I thought possible!

P.S. - Twins' Opening Day is in just . . .

2 Days!


  1. Brian, any shows in two weeks? I'll be there visiting.

    1. I don't think there is a show the weekend of April 14-15-16, but there are lots of card shops.
      I recommend Three Star Sportscards in Roseville, Twin Cities Sportscards in Golden Valley, and one just opened in Hopkins, which is called Ultimate Collectibles.

  2. Sorry I missed the fun today!