Saturday, April 8, 2017

Transatlantic Triple Break - 2017 Diamond Kings!

I tend to go a little retro when I pick boxes to break, but this time my turn came up right in the middle of all the spring releases.

whoops, this card got a little off center on the scanner...
Here are the backs - the canvas texture is back, along with a mix of older historical players and current stars / rookies.
The Aurora insert set is particularly colorful.
The Memorable Moment insert is not terribly memorable, but again, having an older crop of players makes for some interesting history that hasn't been covered in some time. Appling was the first White Sox player to reach 2,500 hits (he'd retire with 2,749 hits, missing about two full seasons in military service).
A couple of the more interesting cards and the only Twins (There was only ONE Blue Jay, so I made sure to load up The Card Papoy's stack with some bonus goodies).
Each box comes with two hits, some combination of relics and/or autographs. Dodger prospect Cody Bellinger was the second hit with this dual jersey patch. I'll let Matt from Bob Walk the Plank share the hit we pulled for his collection once he gets the cards.

The cards all look good, the hits were decent, and the players covered go a little deeper than Topps does in the first half of the 20th century. Makes some sense, since Topps wasn't around in those years, so they can't reprint cards they never made. The cons are that most of the cards look like typical Panini, with completely emotionless poses of pitchers delivering a pitch and hitters waiting for a pitch. Fairly repetitive, especially with the modern players.


  1. I am really staring to like panini more and more. This has been a good set the last couple of years. That Bellinger is especially nice...I think Adrian Gonzalez's days are numbered.

    Btw I need your new address as I don't think I'll be able to hand off cards in person anytime soon.

  2. Only one Blue Jay, but a ton of other players, so it's all good ! Repetitive, yeah, but I do like this year's design though. thanks for the break, Brian !

  3. love Diamond Kings and can't wait to bust a couple boxes. I usually pre-order these but haven't had the time. Erskine looks good surrounded in blue!