Sunday, April 23, 2017

Building 1964 Topps Venezuelan, Back to Front

I set a goal this year to make some serious progress on my 1964 Topps Venezuelan set, and so far I've been able to make steady progress. I would have liked to find some of these in person, but the fact is that these cards are just not very abundant in Minnesota. I've asked every dealer at the local shows and whenever I'm in a new shop I ask if they have any. No luck so far this year, so I've had to go to eBay to add cards to my set.  
The nice thing about eBay is that there are vendors online from Venezuela, so the availability of the cards is much higher.
I started the set back in 2015 , With a lot that was put together by my regular vintage vendor of all Twins players. For the most part, I've been building the set by trying to find similar lots of cards from the same team.
Now they've dried up for the most part, or the lots that remain are fairly expensive.
So instead I am cherry picking cards of particular interest that are roughly $10 or less. That's how I picked these 4 singles.
The best part -- no glue on the backs!