Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hey, It's the Minnesota Twins! (B is for BOOOOOOF)

 Here are the Twins with "B" last names. I'm on a mission this summer to get all my Twins sorted by Letter (done) then by player, then catalogued. I'm going to be able to sift through dime boxes in confidence knowing if I have that Rick Aguilera junk wax insert, or that Kennys Vargas variant or not! Above is a sampling of some of my favorite cards in the "B" category.
 Can't sleep on BOOF - I have lots of duplicates, and currently just 16 unique Boof cards as a Twin. I'll be slowly picking up more now that I know for sure which ones I already have!
The Best "B" hitters in Twins history - Steve Braun, Tom Brunansky, Earl Battey, and Washington Senator "Ossie" Bluege.
 The best "B" pitcher in Twins history, and it's not close. Blyleven has the best numbers of any pitcher to put on a Minnesota Twins uniform (only Walter Johnson surpasses him on the all-time franchise list, though the Big Train never rolled through the Twin Cities).
 Have to acknowledge the prospects as well - Jose Berrios is starting 2017 as the ace of the AAA team, and will be pitching in the bigs again at some point this season.
Super prospect Byron Buxton is now up in the big leagues to stay, and the only question is whether or not his bat can match his defense and speed.


  1. Godspeed on that mission my friend. That is quite the project.

    1. It's cramped my blogging style a bit, but on the other hand, it does give me something to write about!

  2. quite the undertaking and a most unique form of cataloging!