Friday, May 10, 2019

I Am Curious (Yellow)

We won't be discussing Swedish films from the 1960s, you'll have to check that out on your own time (don't. It's uh, bad.). Instead, it was my literal curiosity about the Walgreen's parallels that led me to purchase more Series 1 Topps.

The cards are yellow.

That's about it- I didn't get any Twins, so if you have Walgreens Yellow Twins (or Utz Twins), maybe you'd like to trade one for one on these...

These are already spoken for - even though Kevin and Matt didn't ask for it... Pirates look pretty good in this parallel, actually.

Works fairly well for the Brewers, too! These three are already gone too. Oh well, I was Curious, these cards are yellow.


  1. Can't decide if I like the yellow, or not.

  2. I've heard about these but I have yet to see any in the wild. For some reason I like yellow on baseball cards.

  3. Mmm, lemon flavor. I'm not going to say the other gross interpretation....

  4. I saw a couple on the Trading Card Database yesterday. I like the look.

  5. Walgreens has a card section? Hmmm... I'm not even sure there's a Walgreens in my area, but I might have to go find out now.