Saturday, January 12, 2019

Making A Pitch for Remaining Off-Season Targets

As I mentioned before, I really hope that the Twins still have a couple moves left this off-season. The back-end of their starting rotation includes Michael Pineda, the former Yankee who spent last season rehabbing an injury, and a rotating cast of young arms that may or may not be ready for the big leagues. Adding a veteran starter could solidify a shaky pitching corps, providing experience and leadership to a group of mostly 20-somethings. The best name still out there is Dallas Keuchel, who would command 20-somethings (million per year) - but would the Twins commit that much money to a free agent? Hard to know yet if they would.

Other intriguing options for starting pitching are innings eating vets Gio Gonzalez and Wade Miley both fresh off a playoff run in Milwaukee. Also available in free agency are former Red Sox Clay Buchholz and Drew Pomeranz. Buchholz had an injury shortened 2018, but put up impressive numbers when healthy. Adding a lefty like Gio, Miley, or Pomeranz could be just what the Twins need.

The Twins also should look to add at least one more bullpen option. They signed Blake Parker, waived by the Angels, to a major league deal this week. He's a little under the radar, but could be a solid 7th inning arm. The best remaining reliever on the market is Craig Kimbrel. He's not signing with the Twins, I think it's safe to say that. But who could the Twins target instead?

The Rockies had a tough time with their free agent signings in 2018, but their existing option of Adam Ottavino shined. He's now on the open market, and should be able to find a multi-year deal. Cody Allen has been Cleveland's closer, and the Twins' front office is quite familiar with his skills. The AL East Brads have flourished against tough competition for several seasons, and could easily slot into 8th inning duties for a contender.

Where do you think Keuchel and Kimbrel will sign? What free agents do you want your team to try to sign?


  1. As long as Keuchel and Kimbrel don't sign with the Yankees, I'll be happy.

    1. If Keuchel signed with the Yankees, he'd have to shave his beard... so I think that will keep him away.

  2. I have no idea if the Rockies will do anything this offseason besides sign Daniel Murphy.

    I saw an interesting tweet the other day about Kimbrel. He is the only closer whose saves outnumber his hits allowed (not counting those with 1 career save).