Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Chronic-WHAT?!-cles of Triple Breaks

Matt from Bob Walk the Plank got things rolling for 2018 with this Triple Break of 2017 Panini Chronicles.

The set features both current players and Hall of Famers like Rickey. Kevin did really well in this break and I was happy to see some cards from this new set. I was hoping to snag a Bartolo Colon card, as he's listed as a Twin, but the luck of the draw was not with me this time.

I ended up with the NL East and the AL West in the break, which meant getting the parallel Ken Griffey, Jr on the top right. They aren't the flashiest,  but the design is better than most logoless offerings.

Matt also included some 2017 Panini Prizms as well.

As is traditional for the Triple Break, Matt made this a trade of Twins goodies too. Kris Johnson was a Pirate at one time, coming to the Twins in the Justin Morneau trade a few years back. Morneau is back in MN this year as a roving instructor and part time color commentator on Twins telecasts.

That's a nice patch! Looks like it is from the middle of the jersey where the two sides overlap to be buttoned up. Pinto included his jersey number in his sig.

I still don't see how Johan managed to get zero only ten (thanks, Chris!) Hall of Fame votes - I'm not saying he should have been inducted, but he's probably a better pitcher than a few guys already in the Hall, and deserved to be in the conversation a little while longer. He had a fantastic peak, even though it was a shorter career than the traditional Hall of Famer.

Thanks again for the Break, Matt!


  1. You did well, nice! Love those patches.

  2. nice break! The Immaculates are gorgeous.

  3. The Johan card is great. Love that patch!

  4. Johan Santana got 10 HOF votes - but I agree, he should have received more. I was hoping he'd pull in at least 10-15% of the vote, but it was not to be. Nice patch cards though. That Pinto is pretty sweet!

  5. oh, whoops - well, that's better than zero.

  6. Santana probably deserved more consideration, but with the ballot so clogged it seems like some of the guys near the bottom don't get much play.

  7. I'm going to send you some bonus cards soon enough. For whatever reason I just couldn't secure many high end Twins cards for our trade.