Monday, February 26, 2018

Johnny's Been a Busy Bee

Johnny got me again- another week, another mailer crammed full of Twins.

Some old friends

Some new guys, slowly tracking down all the 2018 Twins, just in time for more to come out this week

A nice throwback uni when throwbacks were still a rare occurrence - Fleer Update rookies of Everyday Eddie and Mean Gene Larkin. Now I'm hungry for a Whopper.

Plenty of guys from the late 90s and early 2000s, this is still a part of my collection that has plenty of room to grow.

Johnny always hits me with some mini collection fodder as well - Larkin actually hits two mini collections as the front features a nice bat flip.

and last but not least, baby BOOOOF.

John, thanks as always! I will be sorting through my collection again to find some useful gems for you!


  1. I remember my dad taking me to the Buzz games. Always on the first base line. I probably saw Marty Cordova play, but I don't have any specific memory of that. The one guy I do remember is Denny Hocking.