Sunday, February 7, 2016

Blaster Master

OK.. so 2016 Topps has been out now for several days and people have had a chance to see a little bit of everything. Here's some of the contents of the blaster box I picked up:

The Perspectives subset reminds me of Stadium Club with a little less info on the front. It does a great job of focusing on the photography.

 Topps is bringing back "Wacky Packages"  -
 MLB Debut is just what it sounds like - nice to see Satchel Paige in the subset.
A few of the more interesting series one images. Ervin is more typical, it's one of the rainbow foil parallels.

And since this was a blaster, it came with a manufactured "relic" medallion:
 Remember when Cespedes was an A? Not that long ago...
 I am less enthusiastic about 2016 Topps - It remains to be seen how the other sets fare.


  1. Hadn't seen either of those Perspectives yet. Beautiful cards, I'm definitely going after that subset

  2. march 9: release date for the MLB wacky packages set/packs/box. I can't wait to combine to hobby loves in one set!

  3. I made my first 2016 purchase last night for a Neil Walker silver frame card. Figured that would probably be his last flagship Pirates release. I need to get the Kang perspective card.

  4. I could do without the obtrusive name/team letters, but, man am I liking those Perspectives inserts more and more every time I see them. Gotta love the sweet Bernie goggles too.