Thursday, August 13, 2015

Trade Post: The Card Papoy

 Kevin from The Card Papoy and I have sent a few packages over the last several months, this one was amazing! So much awesomeness!
 Bieber is great, of course, but this Turkey Red Cabinet card is even Better! Mucho Grande Johan! (We can do Spanish and French if we want to)
 Things got Shiny.
 Like, Really Shiny!
 Refractor-y and Shiny and Serial numbered, oh my!
 Of Course Topps has two different versions of this card numbered to 399 - This is the one I didn't have yet! Hooray for Kennys!
 Stickers! There was a Killebrew as well - Digging Perkins in his Target Fiels All-Star uni
 Jorge Polanco was the youngest Twin to see the majors since Joe Mauer when Polanco made his debut last year as a 19 year old. He got another cup of coffee this year, and he might be in competition for the starting SS gig as soon as the Spring!
 Speaking of Joe Mauer... This numbered to just 18!


Very Cool Kevin, Thanks so much!



  1. Fancy! Triple Threads and Museum Collection. Great stuff from France!

    1. always the crème de la crème from Kevin!

  2. That's one hell of a package. /18 is so weird

  3. Too bad the Mauer Museum Collection is a bit damaged. New cards are coming regularly to Papoy HQ, ready to be shipped over to Minneapolis ! Looking forward to the next trade

    1. awesome! The damage is not too noticeable, it's a great card! Thanks again Kevin.