Saturday, August 15, 2015

Saturdays at the card show

Now there's some serious swag! As a repeat customer, the vintage guy has always treated me right. These scratch offs were tossed onto the pile for me as a bonus! Love the bright, solid colors. The game itself was played long ago. It was pointed out to me that the kids that played it maybe were not experts at the finer points of baseball. The games were not tied at the end of nine innings, yet the kids without exception decided to play on in the tenth. Who can blame them? It's always tempting to keep on scratching.

Good old Johnny! I had a similarly well loved Spahn from this Bowman Set, I can pray it doesn't rain on my cards.

Hooray (or EE-YAH, isn't that right Hughie?) for 50 cent vintage boxes!

Jimmy likes Clothes - that's ... that's good!
5 more 1948 Bowmans!

Frank Shea, Tommy Henrich, and Hank Sauer

Bill Bevens and Buddy Kerr - which means I just have 5 left to go!!!

I just love the backs of these Bowman cards!

Some Twins from the bargain bins - Joe Mauer is playing the Futures Game on that card, Hrbek has what looks like a hockey stick handle that belonged to teammate John Castino (or it's a very poorly rendered voodoo doll).

1949 M.P. & Co Pee Wee Reese
As is often the case, the vintage guy has a surprise or two in store at the show. The blurriness is not my poor camera work (for once!), it's the printing process. This is hand cut, like pretty much all of the M.P. & Co cards, and a very generous cut it was... 
This is the 1949 version of the card (there's a 1943 card with a different back) - the phrase "the knack of hitting in the pinches" is pretty great!

Another successful Saturday at the card show!


  1. Really nice 1970 Kellogg's, but that Pee Wee Reese is sweet!

  2. Great pickups. I just added a Foxx MP&Co. To my collection.

  3. The pee wee, the sain, the '48 Bowmans! Jealous

  4. Looks like quite a haul! I think that Reese is my favorite of this batch, although that Bowman Johnny Sain is excellent as well.