Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Top Topps Traded (to me)

Just a short post today - showcasing some recent COMC pickups - all Topps Traded. I can find complete sets from time to time at shows, but sometimes a person just wants a few singles!

Having a hard time keeping a straight face looking at Kent Hrbek  and his teenager moustache.

Danny Ainge with the Marlboro ad in the background - take that, Fleer!

Dennis Eckersley and the awful airbrushing on the inset photo.

Of course Bert Blyleven and his orange beard is fantastic as well.

Let's make this a discussion post- what are some of your favorite Topps Traded cards?

I can picture the awesome Oscar Gamble card with the gigantic fro, the Keith Hernandez '83 Topps traded card with the Mets, Nolan Ryan's '89 Topps traded with the Rangers (maybe more memorable to me than the Griffey Rookie).

Or maybe this guy?


  1. I always like the '82 Traded Ozzie Smith, first Topps card to show him in his Cardinals uniform!

  2. The '84 Rose is up there for me, since it's the only official Topps card to picture him as an Expo.

    1. I'm glad they were able to get an action shot of him for it, I think that makes it unique to me. A lot of Topps Traded cards are just portraits or torso and head shots.

  3. I agree with Nick. I've got all three major Pete Rose Expos cards and the Topps card is by far the best.