Friday, July 31, 2015

The Commish Managed to Surprise

CommishBob - The Five Tool Collector - was kind enough to send along some 1960 Topps Managers.

 Bob also runs the fantastic 1960 Topps Blog Horizontal Heroes - The managers represent some of the few exceptions to the Horizontal cards from the set.
But the backs are still horizontal! Great artwork on these.

Just for good measure, Bob threw in this awesome insert from Stadium Club:

 Thanks very much Bob, these were great! 


  1. Those managers cards are some of the best cards of all-time! I'm especially fond of the Jurges myself.

    1. It's probably my favorite as well - there's so much going on in that picture!

  2. Late to the party but I was glad to contribute, Brian. Been out of town and had spotty connection.

    I see you got the Alston to finish them off. Very nice.

    I have the envelope from you on my desk. It's due to be opened in the a.m. Thanks!