Wednesday, July 29, 2015

If I had a blog then . . . Trip to Citi Field, 2014

 HEY! Are you planning on attending the national? We should hang out, check out some cards, maybe make a trade or two in person? Send me an e-mail so I know which day(s) you'll be there!

This post would have appeared in May of 2014, if I had a blog then . . .

My sister lives in Manhattan, so I usually go visit her once a year or so. She's not much of a baseball fan, so even though it was my 10th time in New York, I still had not attended a MLB game in NYC.

A buddy of mine who is a theater guy had never been to an MLB game despite living in New York for a decade, so I bought a couple tickets off stubhub and jumped on the train to Flushing.

Ah, the Big Apple. Someone smarter than me can tell me if the one outside is the original from Shea, or if the original is inside and this is a replica...

Our tickets were the cheapest I could find at the last minute, so our seats were pretty far away from the action. The bird's eye view was unique, I've never watched a game from this perspective before:

It was a great day for baseball!

Bronson Arroyo was on the Hill for the visiting Diamondbacks, and his funky high leg kick was on display in full force.

The Mets dropped a heartbreaker, falling 2-1. With Jenrry Meijia on the hill in the top of the ninth, an error by Daniel Murphy at second base allowed AJ Pollock to score the go ahead run. Addison Reed closed out the game in the bottom of the ninth for the D'Backs.
 After the game, we headed all the way down to Coney Island to meet up with another friend. We went to the Coney Island Freak Show! Sorry, no pictures of that...

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  1. I've been to NYC several times as well, but only been to one game (old Yankee stadium). I really want to hit a Yanks and Mets game. We need to organize a blogger road trip.