Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A 1964 Venezuelan Update: Dem's Phightin' Words

 Someone smarter than me can tell me where these photos were taken ... Connie Mack Stadium perhaps?
 There's the Senator / Hall of Famer!
 There's the glue on the back!
 Could you call these guys "The Whiz Kids' Kids?"
Not bad, not bad.  Team E.R.A. leader Chris Short was kind of the 60's Matt Wieters. Great Player, but several years he went without a Topps card due to contract wrangling.

Athletics are up next!


  1. Brian, the Callison card is a Connie Mack photo. Those red seats give it away. The roof line on Mahaffey's card (plus the home uni) would seem to make it Connie Mack as well. Paul Brown is Polo Grounds as is the Dalrymple, Wine, Covington and Sievers. I think Bunning is Yankee Stadium.

    I'm stumped on Don Hoak. He's wearing pinstripes but the background doesn't look like anything I've seen.

    1. Thanks very much! I would have been stumped on all of those...

  2. Your moving along at a pretty good clip.