Saturday, August 1, 2015

At the National Day One . . .

"overwhelming" in an understatement to describe what entering the room for the first day of the National Sports Collectibles Convention was like. There are so many tables!! I had no idea where to start, but my quest to find '65 OPC, '64 Venezuelan Topps, and the 2015 Topps Clear Kennys Vargas were my main points of focus on day one...

 A little strange to me that the grader spelled Buck's last name incorrectly, but I have to believe there aren't too many certified Autographs from the Kansas City Monarchs' great first baseman and coach. Had to go for this one!
 Finished the mini-collection of 1960 Topps Managers!
 Some fun vintage Bowman - one card closer to finishing the 1948 set and now I've started on 1949 with "Bow Wow" Arft and "Happy Rabbit" Rojek...
 ELMER! I finished the Valo Topps run about a week ago, now I'm working on the remaining Bowman cards.
 From the same table as Buck O'Neil, these three were $10 each. Love Andre Dawson's signature, and you can't go wrong with Moose or Alou.
 Choo Choo Coleman rookie, A Then and Now with Zoilo (Zorro) Versalles, and the famous batboy card from 1969 all to the tune of .50 apiece.

The Vintage Guy from MN that I buy a ton from is at the Show - booth #526. He always has tremendous deals on vintage and he's very very easy to work with. He has quarter boxes of vintage! and 50 cent boxes, and some great prices on the bigger names as well. If you are heading to the National Today of Tomorrow, he's worth your time!

I did end up finding some Venezuelan Topps, but I'll save that for another post.

Can't wait for day two (I already know it was a good one!)


  1. "He always has tremendous deals on vintage and he's very very easy to work with. He has quarter boxes of vintage!"

    Well, I know where I'll be headed later today. Looking forward to meeting you, Brian!

  2. I have to get to the National soon. I just couldn't do it this year. Looks like it is as well attended as it ever has been, from what a few industry bloggers have said -- which is great news, definitely.

    Great buys!