Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sorting Out . . . The Arizona Diamonbacks

It's been awhile since I've done one of these, it's hard to find time to sort through an entire team's cards. The Arizona Diamondbacks are the third recent expansion team I've tackled in the sorting out series...

The Diamondbacks found early success, thanks in no small part to some excellent and timely pitching from Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling.

Luis Gonzalez, Mark Grace, and Matt Williams fueled the D-Backs offense in the early days.
 Some of my favorite cards featuring D-Backs are horizontal heroes.
Randy Johnson is not officially a player I collect, but I certainly don't turn that many away...

 The rest of this post is trade bait! If you see anything you like below, let me know!
 Didi Gregorius is the Gold Parallel version.
 Tiny Patrick Corbin is numbered 51/100
 Maybe you're a fan of Gonzo?
 Or Miguel Montero?
 Or Gracie?
Or Goldy?
I've updated my Zistle account with all of the Diamondbacks in my collection - if there are any that interest you, feel free to contact me via Zistle, or just send me an e-mail! The Will Ferrell card is available for trade as well..


  1. Have you tried contacting Daniel from "Its like having my own cardshop"

    1. I read his blog and comment on it from time to time but I haven't specifically reached out to trade. I usually reach out first when there's trade bait posted of cards that I would like to add.

  2. I need to check if I need those Goldschmidts, but maybe pencil me in for them. I've been gradually stockpiling cards for our first trade, whenever it may strike.

    1. Yeah, let me know! I'll make a mental note to hang onto those Golden boys for you.

  3. Daniel is perfect trading partner. We don't haggle on anything, I just send/give him all my dbacks and he always responds with good stuff.

  4. Thanks for the endorsements Matthew and Adam! Brian, I am always up for a trade where I get some D-Backs. I'm sure I can find you some nice Twins cards and some cards of players from your player collection in return! Send me an email with your address. daniel24303 at gmail dot com