Friday, July 10, 2015

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered!

Tony from Off Hiatus Baseball Cards collects Brewers so I don't have to. As a Twins fan, this is great new for me. More great news comes in the form of Tony being quite the savvy and prolific autograph hound as a youth.

Also great news: Baseball Digest!
Hrbek autographed this for Tony some time ago,  and I'm very happy it made it to my doorstep!
Kent went on to have a fine career as a hometown hero for the Twins, but Dave Hostetler faded quickly. A star in college at USC, and traded to the Rangers from Montreal for Al Oliver, Hostetler had 22 Homers in his Rookie season, finishing 6th in the AL ROY voting. He lost his 1st Base job to Pete O'Brien, managed to hit half as many homers in his sophomore season, while his strikeout rate soared. He kicked around the minors, found himself in Japan for two seasons, had another cup of coffee in 1988 with the Pirates and then was out of the league for good. He now works in Arlington with Sporting Goods company Riddell.

Frank Viola! "Sweet Music" was the 1987 World Series M.V.P. and the players that came to Minnesota from the Mets in 1989 in exchange for Viola were instrumental in the 1991 World Series run. This was another cool one - very fun to read through these!

Tony didn't stop there- some great fan favorite Twins from my youth - Laudner was an all or nothing slugger as the 1987 team's primary catcher. Flirting with the Mendoza line all season, Laudner provided some much needed pop throughout the stretch run and even hit one out in game 2 of the 1987 World Series. Greg Gagne hit an even more unlikely home run later in the 87 Series, this time in a losing effort in Saint Louis.
Frank was the Twins' Ace that season and in the World Series came up big, winning 2 of the four Twins' victories.

Last but by no means least, Tony also included these multi-auto Stickers
 Al Woods, Kent Hrbek, Tom Brunansky, and Tony Olivia! Tony was the Twins' Hitting Coach in '87
Gary Gaetti, Steve Lombo (Lombardozzi),  Randy Bush, Greg Gagne, someone else I can't make out, and . . . KIRBY!

Tony, this was a fantastic surprise! A great trip back down memory lane to the 1987 team and some of their brightest stars.

I'm just gonna leave this here:


  1. I'm thinking that the one you and I couldn't make out might be Al Newman. For some reason, I seem to recall getting his autograph, but I could be mistaken there.

    Too bad I didn't catch the team when they called up some future GM named Billy Beane -- or during the mercifully short period when Steve Carlton was pitching for them.

    1. I would believe Al Newman for that last sig - since it's blue ink over a blue sticker and scrunched, all I can really tell for sure is that it had more than one syllable in the name (can't really see first and last name, just one longish squiggle).
      These were such a treat - I've incorporated the two stickers and the Viola card into my FrankenSet - thanks again!

  2. Tony just sent me a Bosox sticker loaded with autos. I think we figured out who they all were. I used to love Baseball Digest.

    1. Very Cool - yeah, I didn't read it or know about it as a kid, but I might just have to seek out more copies.