Thursday, July 9, 2015

A 1964 Venezuelan Update: Step Right Up and Meet the . . .

Step right up and meet the Mets!
 One of my favorite nicknames of the 1960s - Choo Choo Coleman.
 The back is pretty clean, too!
 The Mets team card, however...

I've got a couple more team lots left to show and then a small mix of singles. I'm probably going to look for some of these at the National at the end of the month, hopefully there will be some available at a good price.


  1. I think Choo Choo had an auto in last years Heritage! The set is coming along nicely.

    1. Thanks - I was able to snag several team specific lots from the same seller over the course of two paychecks, and now I'm in patience / bargain hunting mode. I'm going to try to build this set smarter than I did the 1965 O-pee-Chee set. I feel like I overpaid for several cards in that set because I was not patient enough.