Wednesday, July 1, 2015

PWE from Mark Hoyle

Wow, it's already July - the year is just flying by! Last week I received a PWE from Mark Hoyle, a great member of the blogging community. A regular reader and a great trade partner, Mark always sends great vintage:

Hey, that's not vintage!
 That looks like vintage, but it's really Heritage. . .
 A distinctly non-vintage package, but no less welcome! Mark has correctly identified a big hole in my Twins Collection (and hey, I get an Octavio Dotel and a Brad Penny card along with that Twins prospect. Bonus!)
As you can see here, Ron's best pitch was the "mis-cutter."
Thanks very much Mark, these were great! Always fun to trade with ya.


  1. Mark is the best! He is one of the main reasons I have a vintage collection.

  2. I have plenty more Twins from that era. I'll get something else together