Monday, July 13, 2015

My Twins FrankenSet - Page 2

I've seen a few FrankenSets out there - John has a Braves set, Tom has a Cubs set, Nick has the Dime Box FrankenSet, Robert has a serial numbered card set. Jeff's got a White Sox FrankenSet. I'm sure there are many others. Tell me about yours in the comments!

I decided this would be a good way to at least start organizing my Twins cards.

My own "rules" for the set are pretty simple -
1. Each card should be a Twins player in a Twins uniform (and exclude multi-team cards)
2. If at all possible, each page should have 9 unique players and 9 unique sets
3. Have Fun (Mandatory)

Here's Page 2:
 And here are the backs:

10 - Bert Blyleven - 1987 Fleer Star Stickers
11 - Kirby Puckett -  1995 Score Select GOOOOOOOOOOLD TEAM
12 - Johan Santana -  2007 Allen and Ginter's
13 - Brad Radke - 1998 Bowman Hometown Parallel
14 - Tom Kelly - 1989 Topps
15 - Zoilo Versalles - 1964 Topps
16 - Frank Viola - 1986 Sportflics
17 - Joe Mauer - 2014 Topps Stadium Club Field Access
18 - Chili Davis - 1992 Topps Stadium Club

The first few pages I can get some inserts and subsets in there, so that's fun. I could probably do a Kirby Puckett Frankenset, all by himself!

I leave you with this great Al Franken tidbit - he can draw an accurate map of the United States free hand. It plays really well at the state fair:



    That is quite the Kirby.

  2. Excellent. I, too, am crazy about the Gold Team insert. Nothing else like it.

  3. I never quite understood the thought process of the Bowman map background.

    1. This one has Radke's hometown of Eau Claire in the photo, but I think they intentionally framed it to also show the Twin Cities. It may or may not be a design choice....

  4. Just started working on my second Franken-Set ( see tonights post). Jersey Numbers.

    1. Should be a good one - I bet you'll have a lot of fun with that!

  5. It has a long way to go, but I am working on a Coors Field frankenset. Rockies not required (and there are quite a few other NL West teams in there).

    1. That's cool - how do you decide if a card qualifies or not? Does it have to show a prominent Coors Field feature, or does it just have to be a card that you can prove is at Coors based on the player's uniform?