Wednesday, July 22, 2015

National Convention Goals

Heading to my first National Convention this month - It's going to be by far the biggest card show I've ever attended. The best thing I think I can do is to try to make a plan for myself and make some specific goals.

1 - Finish the 1965 O-Pee-Chee Set.

Only 4 cards to go, but it's hard to know ahead of time how many vendors will have even one card from this set, let alone one of the four that I need. My goal is to find all four, but I would call this a success if I can find at least two.

2 - Make some serious progress on the 1964 Topps Venezuelan Set.
maybe find one of these for less than $100?

I have a long way to go with this set, and similar to goal #1, I don't know that I will have a lot of options of vendors with these cards. This one will be a success if I can add another ten percent of the set (37 cards) and/or find a good deal on some of the big names (Mantle, Aaron, Mays, Koufax, etc.) AND spend under or near $100. Looking online, it seems like the options are limited and the cost too high (for me) to add any of  the Hall of Famers from the set...

3 - Find some vintage packs to bust open.

This, I think, will be the easiest goal to meet. The oldest packs I've ever opened are 1978 O-Pee-Chee, so I will look for something from 77 or 76 and call that a successful goal. This is probably the biggest "waste" of money I will make at the show, too, but it's all relative. I'll be turning a valuable sealed item into loose vintage singles, but to me it is all about the experience of doing it...

4 - Find the "Clear" White Whale - the 2015 Topps Clear Kennys Vargas.

Well, either a vendor will have it, or they won't. I plan on finding out. Hopefully I will find it!

HEY! Are you planning on attending the national? We should hang out, check out some cards, maybe make a trade or two in person? Send me an e-mail so I know which day(s) you'll be there!


  1. You are going to find the Vargas! Positive vibes

    1. Thanks! Hopefully just in time to start chasing the Chrome and Mini parallels -- Topps is doing Chrome and Topps Mini again this year, I assume??

    2. I haven't heard anything. They did a little trimming last year on some sets, but I can't remember which ones were getting the ax.

  2. I'm planning on doing a post a lot like this soon. Also, if you'll be in attendance on Saturday, let me know. I'd like to schedule a little blogger get-together because I know there are quite a few bloggers going to the National this year. (A post on that soon as well.)

    1. Oh yes, I will be there on Saturday - a blogger get-together sounds great!

  3. You guys have fun, wish I was going too.