Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Filling some Junk wax wants from Sportlots

I don't always use Sportlots, but when I do, I get a big order of junk wax.
As I was working on my Franken Set, I wanted to use Kent Hrbek's 1993 Upper Deck card as card #74. To my horror, I found that I did not have that card. Quickly, to the internet!
Found the Hrbek card for .18 on Sportlots, and since I'd rather get more than one card, I decided to search for some more 93 UD, because who doesn't love that set? I ended up using Sportlots like a virtual quarter box, and came away with a stack of nice cards at 18 cents each, all from the same seller. 

 Delgado at the bat rack!
 Mitch Williams taking some infield practice...
 "Wait a minute - Felix Jose, Jose Cruz Junior, Junior Felix . . . That's weird."
 Great stuff.

 Needed these!
 The photos on the back are great, too.
That's a throwback Philadelphia jersey, not a Pirates jersey... 
I was curious about Gooden rounding third, so I found the boxscore on Baseball Reference:
Gooden hit the 3rd of four consecutive doubles in the bottom of the third, busting the game open. In this picture, he's heading home on Keith Miller's double. Meanwhile, Sweet Music is rocking the aviators.


  1. 93 UD, 91&92 SC....perfect taste !

  2. You might wind up with a few dupes in the box I am working on. Just picked up a ton (literally and physically) of cards. (106K). I've already started knocking down some on your junk wax list.

    1. Awesome! Love to hear it. You always hook me up!