Tuesday, March 22, 2022

eBay Impulsivity


Just a few random cards to show today, trying to keep my streak of posts going a little bit longer. I miss card shows enough that I will sometimes jump on eBay and sort by ending soonest to find some fun deals. I snagged this Ryan for $10 (no one else bid on it!), for example. This card is notoriously off center like the example above.

Twins cards will often get a bid from me - I think this is my first Kiriloff autograph, when I am actively looking for them, they are too expensive!

Last but not least, this Griffey card is one I've probably seen 100s of times but never tried to bid on before. It's a "pre-rookie" card from 1988. I was the only bidder this time though! 

Do you impulse bid or impulse buy cards online? Find anything fun lately?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Impulse bid/buy...have neeeeeeeever happened :). Though I'll say this, I too have come across some good deals doing so without regret.

  2. Yeah, I often randomly look at stuff on the Bay and bid on things which catch my eye. Bought a David Peterson autorelic the other day.

  3. I haven't been buying much lately, but every now and then something pops into my head and I'll look for it on eBay. The thing I just bought recently was one of those purchases (but it was for another blogger).

  4. I've bought cards on ebay and then tried to figure out why after they arrived.

  5. I used to be prone to the occasional eBay impulse buy. Not anymore though, the prices are too high on everything.

  6. That minor league Griffey was a prized card in my collection back in the day. After returning to the hobby as an adult, I found out it's actually a "broder" or whatever. The real/licensed version of that card features Junior in a dark jersey. See also https://www.cardboardconnection.com/ken-griffey-jr-minor-league-cards. Still a nice card, I suppose!