Monday, September 17, 2018

Say It Ain't So, Joe

Using my phone for this post- never been too happy with the scanner on cards that are encased. Joe Mauer is the 2nd Twin to get the Living Set treatment, and it may have come just in time. 

Mauer has revealed to the media that this could be his final season- his wife is expecting a new baby soon and his twin girls are growing up. He had another scare early in 2018 with concussion like symptoms, so his health and his quality of life are concerns going forward. 

He has stated that he and his wife will discuss his plans in the off-season. The Twins,  meanwhile, are open to Mauer's return. It remains to be seen if the next contract offer will be palatable to Mauer, it will no doubt be much smaller than his last one.
My hope is that he returns for one or two more seasons. He isn't blocking any prospects, and he can still provide value in the lineup for the Twins both on defense at first base and at the plate. He continues to be an excellent hitter with runners in scoring position and he is among the best all-time getting on base. 
A couple more Average Joe seasons could cement a reservation for Cooperstown, I would be happy to make the trip to see his induction.


  1. Always liked Joe. He's had one heck of a career. If he decides to walk away after this season, I'd give him props for leaving the game on his terms to be with his family.

  2. It will be strange when Joe is no longer active, that's for sure. I haven't bought any living set cards yet. I wonder if fan faves like the garv will ever be featured.

    1. I am guessing they will keep making them in the off-season, and that would be prime time for retired players.