Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Transatlantic Triple Break - 2018 Stadium Club

Kevin (The Card Papoy) and Matt (Bob Walk the Plank) and I are still breaking boxes and this time I picked 2018 Stadium Club. I was lazy about scanning, so all that's left is my share from the NL East and the AL Central.

The main event in Stadium Club are the base cards.

As has been pointed out already, the backs have color coded seats - the design does a nice job of providing the basic info about each player, and a headshot.

The inserts by comparison seem tacked on. The base card design is so stellar that the inserts have a hard time competing. Each box has a couple black parallels and several red parallels.

I mean, look at these great cards!

Since the Twins made the Wild Card last year, that meant a spike in the number of cards on the checklist. Even guys in Single-A like Sano, or guys like Felix Jorge who was released and then re-signed last week.

Rosario's cap has "Fuerza Puerto Rico" (Puerto Rico Strong) written on it. Buxton, like Sano, is down in the minor leagues trying to re-tool his swing and get back on track after another disappointing first half.

Everyone likes the Hits! In addition to Ramirez, we also pulled a Rookie Auto of Tomas Nido, which I've already sent out to complete an earlier trade. 

This was my favorite card from the whole break - this reminds me of the Elmer Valo from '57 Topps, and of course of the Wes Covington card from '61 Topps. Stadium Club is always a highlight each year, and the 2018 version is no exception.


  1. As much as I enjoy the old timers on b/w cards this Aaron would be gorgeous in color. NIce break!

  2. I instantly thought of Mr. Valo when I first saw the Aaron as well.

  3. That Aaron card is nice. Love the Realmuto card too.

    P.S. Received your package (I think yesterday). Plan on opening it up this Friday as soon as my work week is over. Thanks in advance!

  4. I'm going to get to open a pack of this someday.

  5. First time I've seen the Thome and Eddie Rosario. Very nice!