Friday, June 29, 2018

Some Preferred Pirates

Tomorrow I'll post about Roberto Clemente to close out Pirates' Week, but today I just felt like highlighting some of my favorite Pirate cards (non-Clemente division). Willie Stargell is probably the only person who could wear that hat and make it look cool.

I've always been a fan of the World Series "sub-set" in the main Topps set. Celebrations are great.

History made here, as Matty and Felipe finish 1-2 in the 1966 Batting race. They'd finish 2-3 in 1968 as well.

Catcher cards are often the more interesting - I've always felt the Pittsburgh colors worked well for most of the 80s Topps sets.


Veale was another candidate for the All-time rotation. He's 2nd all-time in Strikeouts for the team, and his glasses were a ubiquitous part of the 1960s. The letter jacket is awesome, too.

I think the 86 Topps set goes so well with the Pirates with the yellow contrasted against the black border. Had to include some bat rack guys, and of course "Pirates that look like Pirates."

Not 100% sure what's going on here - the giant stovepipe mesh pillbox hat, the crazy 80s confetti backdrop, and of course the hilarious "Smiley Scowl."

Some of my favorite horizontal shots - Managers hitting grounders or tossing batting practice are always a winning combo.

Some web gems!

And last but not least -the man, the myth, the legend.

Can't forget to show the back!


  1. The '78 Grant Jackson has always been a favorite of mine, definitely one of the grooviest cards ever made.

  2. Sweet stuff. That 1998 Topps card featuring some random guy hovering over Larry Walker is amazing!